Habilitated doctor, Feb. 28th, 2014
University of Bucharest (2012-2014)
Habilitation thesis: Romania and the Nordic countries during the contemporary age
Committee members: Prof. Mihai Retegan, Prof. Cornel Sigmirean, Senior Researcher, Docent Katalin Miklossy
Doctor in history (with the distinction cum laude), May 25th, 2003
Craiova University, Faculty of History (Oct 1998 – May 2003)
Ph.D. title: Romania and the Baltic States during the interwar period
Committee chair/members: Ph.D. advisor Prof. Valeriu Florin Dobrinescu, members Prof. Ion Stanciu, Prof. Gheorghe Buzatu, Prof. Viorica Moisuc Download in pdf:
Non-degree certificate, May 2002
University of Turku (Sep. 2001 – May 2002)
Selected courses: History of Baltic Sea Area (Prof. Marko Lehti), Finnish language (level I to IV), Swedish language (level I), Scandinavian Welfare State
Baltic Studies certificate, July 2001
Tartu University, Centre of Baltic Studies (Feb 2001 – Jul 2001)
Selected courses: Estonian language (Prof. I. Nikopensius), Baltic history (Prof. Andreas Kasekamp, Prof. Viacheslav Morozov, etc.), Estonian culture (Prof. A.Leete)
BA, History and Archaeology, July 2007 (final studies performance: 9.85)
Valahia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Humanities (Oct 1992 – Jul 1997)
Selected courses: world and Romanian ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history, history of international relations, Eastern European history
Selected professors: Nicolae Ciachir, Ion Calafeteanu, Ion Stanciu, Radu Florescu, Vasile Cucu, Marin Carciumaru (average 9,85).
BA title: Romania and the United States (1939-1941)
Committee chair/members: BA advisors Prof. Ion Stancu and Prof. Ion Calafeteanu
Bachelor diploma (graduated „Grigore Alexandrescu”, renamed „Constantin Carabella” Highschool – 1992, average 7,87).

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